ETFO Workshops and Conferences
Posted 3 weeks ago

Your Local invites you to attend the General Meeting on Thursday November 27 at Armour Heights PS. Dinner will be provided prior to the meeting from 4:15-5:00pm. The business part of…

Local General Meeting…Come on out on November 27!
Professional Learning Subsidies for OTs
Posted 3 weeks ago

Have you taken an ETFO Additional Qualifications course? Attended an ETFO workshop or conference or Summer Academy? If so you are eligible for up to $150 per member per school…

Professional Learning Subsidies for OTs..up to $150 from your Local!
Your Local Office is closed for the Summer Break
Posted 2 months ago


Your Local Executive welcomes back all TDSB Elementary Occasional Teachers! May you enjoy a positive and productive school year ahead. Please feel free to contact your Local office anytime if…

Welcome Back to the 2014-15 School Year
Employment Insurance
Posted 3 months ago


The Service Canada Reference Code for New Regular EI Applications for the period of June 15, 2014 until  August 03,2014 school-related intake is:
Employees who need to file EI claims before the Effective…

Summer Break EI Reference Codes for OTs
Election Results for your 2014-15 Executive
Posted 3 months ago

Your 2014-15 Local Executive assumes office as of Aug 15, 2014 as per the Local's Constitution. Here is your incoming Executive:

President: Rob Fulford,  First Vice-President: Scott Maudsley,  Second Vice-President: Sophie…

Your 2014-15 Executive and election results

    Latest News

    • ETFO reduces union fees for members October 2, 2014

      Just to let everyone know a small bit of good news... your ETFO union dues are reduced by 12.5% this year. You will pay 1.4% of your gross salary in dues to ETFO instead of 1.6%. You should notice this immediately on your Sep 25, 2014 pay slip. This fe...

    • Keep your Occasional Teaching Profile up to date October 1, 2014

      If you have recently taken an AQ course make sure you contact the TDSB Occasional Teaching department and let them know so your profile can be as up to date and accurate as possible. This can lead to you receiving more work offers from the SFE system i...

    • TDSB Days of Significance September 23, 2014

      TDSB Days of Significance: October is: Women's History Month and Islamic Heritage Month Oct 4 - Yom Kippur (Judaism) Oct 4 - Dasara (Hinduism) Oct 4-7 - Eid al Adha (Islam) Oct 5 - World Teachers' Day Oct 23 - Diwali (Hiduism, Jain, Sikhism) **S...

    • Were you denied EI by Service Canada over the summer? September 15, 2014

      Your Local would like to hear from you if you were told by Service Canada that you were not eligible for EI because you are enrolled in the Benefits plan of the TDSB. It this is so you have the right to request a reconsideration of Service Canada's dec...

    • Community Walk to honour TDSB Occasional Teacher Abshir Hassan September 10, 2014

      A community walk, vigil and BBQ to honour the life of  TDSB Occasional Teacher Abshir Hassan and other victims of gun violence is being held on Sunday September 14 from 2-6pm. For complete details on this Community Walk of Hope for Peace please click ...

    Important Contract Clauses

    • Article 28.2.0.

      The Timetable for an Occasional Teacher shall be the same as the timetable of the Teacher being replaced.

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